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  • 1 Sustains Minor Injuries in Stockton Car Accident on Highway 99 near Hammer Lane

1 Sustains Minor Injuries in Stockton Car Accident on Highway 99 near Hammer Lane

Stockton Head-On Crash on Highway 99 near Hammer Lane Resulted in Minor Injuries

Stockton, California (March 24, 2020) – The California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of a Minor injury crash that took place in the area of southbound Highway 99 at the Hammer Lane off-ramp in Stockton Saturday night, March 21.

One person sustained minor injuries after a Honda collided head-on with a Cadillac on the highway just before midnight. Both cars acquired major front-end damage upon the impact.

The initial report indicated that the Cadillac was traveling the wrong way at the time of the collision.

Paramedics, along with fire department officials, responded at the scene shortly after the mishap and rendered aid to the injured party.

A female occupant reportedly abandoned one of the vehicles and went to a gas station nearby after the accident.

The investigation is underway.

What to Do At the Accident Scene

Nobody is ever prepared for an accident. However, knowing what to do in case you are involved in the accident is very crucial. The following steps will help you ensure your safety and the safety of others.

  1. Stay at the scene and don’t panic.
  2. Check for injuries and immediately call for an ambulance if anyone is hurt.
  3. Notify the police even if no one is injured. The police will examine the scene and document the accident. At this point, it is important to record accurate information. You can later request a police report.
  4. If the accident is minor, it is advisable to move the vehicles to the shoulder and turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights to ensure the safety of other motorists.
  5. Gather information about the other drivers involved in the accident. Also, talk to witnesses and get their information.
  6. If possible, take photos of the damage to your car and the surrounding area.
  7. Do not admit fault or discuss the accident with anyone. Do not sign any papers unless requested by the police.
  8. Do not leave the accident scene until the police have left.

After leaving the accident scene,

  1. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.
  2. Get a copy of the accident report from the police.
  3. Get a property damage valuation.
  4. If you were injured in the accident, keep detailed notes of your injuries and track your medical treatment.
  5. Contact a reputable personal injury attorney to protect your rights.
  6. Seek legal advice before you contact your insurer to discuss your car accident claim and compensation for your personal injuries. A qualified attorney will help you recover the maximum amount of damages.
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