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  • Jeff Jones Killed in Bicycle Accident on Griffith Park Boulevard in Los Feliz

Jeff Jones Killed in Bicycle Accident on Griffith Park Boulevard in Los Feliz

Jeff Jones Killed in Los Feliz Bicycle Accident on Griffith Park Boulevard

Los Angeles, California (August 26, 2019) –A beloved Los Angeles bicyclist was tragically killed in a traffic accident on Friday, August 23, in Los Feliz. Jeff Jones, described as a father in his 50s, was taken far too soon in this incident that took place at the 3500th block of Griffith Park Boulevard. Authorities said Jeff Jones was riding a bicycle on Griffith Park Boulevard when a white van made a U-turn in front of him, resulting in a collision. Mr. Jones was killed in the crash. The van driver remained at the scene and cooperated with the authorities. An investigation is underway.

Photos of the incident throughout social media pages depict the white van nearly perpendicular to the double-yellow lines in the middle of the roadway, depicting a likely maneuver by the driver to avoid the collision with Mr. Jones which, sadly, did not prevent this tragedy. While an investigation is pending, drivers of motor vehicles have a duty to keep a proper lookout for bicyclists such as Mr. Jones. Los Feliz is obviously heavily favored in the community for its bike routes.

Mr. Jones was an extremely beloved Angeleno with friends and colleagues sharing stories and kind word about the gentleman who was taken far too soon. A man identifying himself as Dov Charney, founder and former CEO of American Apparel, stated on the Los Feliz Ledger that Mr. Jones was a sales manager for over 10 years for the famed L.A. brand, describing him as “super honest” with a “great sense of humor” and one who “cared deeply about his family.

While all tragedies such as this are heartbreaking, this one is even more so considering Mr. Jones’ deep roots to the Los Angeles community. Our deep condolences to the family of the victim. A thorough investigation would include, among other things, preserving the vehicle in evidence so as to potentially extract electronic data from the subject vehicle to see how fast it was going at the time of the incident and how late, if any, evasive maneuvers were taken prior to striking Mr. Jones. Our deep condolences to the family of Mr. Jones.

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